Sedgeford Norfolk, PE36 5NG, United Kingdom.


The Astro Fund

The Astro Fund was started by the Forecast family to fund research into low-grade brain tumours. Brain tumours kill more children than meningitis or leukaemia yet research into this type of cancer receives very little funding.

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The Zanzibar Action Project

Dr. Pat Preece and his wife Janie started the Zanzibar Action Project to get real aid direct to the residents of Jambiani, a fishing village there.

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The Sedgefrod Historical and Archaeological Research Project (SHARP) is a long-term multi period, multi disciplinary research project to investigate the entire range of human settlement and land use in the North West Norfolk parish of Sedgeford. There are six weeks of excavations, which are complemented by landscape archaeology and historical research work that continues throughout the year.

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